This story amazes me every time I go back and read about what these two heroes accomplished

Have you ever been stuck in bad weather? All of us have at one point or another, most of us have traveled through and have arrived at our destination through bad weather. So let me rephrase the question, have you ever experienced a life-threatening full-on blizzard? When I first moved to North Dakota ( from San Diego, California ) over 8 years ago, I was told about white-outs that can make you end up in a ditch, and I could see the fear in the eyes of the person who told me how powerful and deadly a blizzard can be. Imagine knowing that the blizzard is out there, and you and another brave soul head straight for it, with just one thing on their minds.

"All you're thinking about is helping people"

Isaac Stone and Patrick Stahl are firefighters with the Casselton Fire Department. They both know quite well how treacherous their jobs are. That's what makes the men and women who do this as a living, such heroes. They put themselves first in harm's way without even questioning it. According to " Photos of two ice-covered Casselton firefighters who helped rescue travelers stranded in a multi-vehicle pileup during Monday’s brutal blizzard have gone viral..." Isaac Stone summed up just why he is a firefighter, it runs in the family “It’s what I always wanted to do”

"Another day at the office"

Here is the best news of all, no deaths, and 6 lives were saved, in a crash that involved around 14 vehicles, in a blinding blizzard. Just "Another day at the office" for these two amazing men.


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