A parent's worst nightmare - let me change that, anyone's WORST nightmare

An unthinkable tragedy involving a 4-year-old boy. An accident that will change the lives of this family and the person who was behind the wheel. Things like this tend to happen without any warning and when people are just living life, enjoying an easy, sleepy Sunday afternoon - and A North Dakota Native who is a Major League Baseball for the Tampa Bay Bluejays will never forget that day.

Accidents happen so fast, yet they haunt you in slow motion in nightmares

How many times have you had a nightmare that seems so real? His name is Erik Swanson, a Fargo Native who is a pitcher for The Toronto Bluejays. He is a married man with two kids, one of them named Toby is just 4 years old, and as you can imagine is a future ballplayer, proudly walking in his father's footsteps. Toby ended up last Sunday afternoon in the hospital, in critical condition.

"Clearwater police reported on Sunday that Toby had been hit by a valet driver..."

Like I said earlier, a tragic accident  -  According to kvrr.com "Clearwater police reported on Sunday that Toby had been hit by a valet driver at the Opal Sands, at 430 S. Gulfview Blvd. Police added that the driver remained on the scene and was cooperating with the investigation. Clearwater PD said the valet driver will not face criminal charges, but citations could be forthcoming as the investigation continues"

Understandably so Erik left spring training to be with his family

Here is an update - Fantastic News! On Wednesday of this week, Toby's mom Madison posted on her Instagram page "The most important update is that Toby is out of the PICU and we are continuing to take it day by day. God is so good and we are so blessed @swannypops,"   

This made my day...

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