While we count down the days until Led Zeppelin's remastered and expanded 'Physical Graffiti' arrives in stores on Feb. 24, the band has decided to tide us over with a sneak peek at some of the previously unreleased material included in the new edition.

The early take of the 'Graffiti' track 'Houses of the Holy' features a different approach to the mix and a different beat from drummer John BonhamJimmy Page tells Rolling Stone, "'Houses of the Holy' is unlike anything that anyone was doing. It's just something that's totally of its own. I think the lyrics are brilliant on it."

You can listen to it below:

As RS notes, some of the other previously unreleased material on the reissue's bonus disc includes an alternate 'Trampled Under Foot' performed as 'Brandy & Coke,' a rough mix of 'In My Time of Dying,' an early version of 'Sick Again' and alternate mixes of of 'Boogie With Stu' and 'Kashmir,' as well as a "strikingly different" version of 'In the Light.'

The Feb. 24 release comes as the sixth in a series of deluxe reissues overseen by Page, which should conclude with the remainder of the Zeppelin catalog later this year.

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