The long three day weekends are the best, right? Sleeping in, not being bummed out on Sunday for a change, heck yeah, you've got Monday off. The Memorial Day weekend is almost like the start of summer, weather getting warmer every day now, doesn't get dark until like almost 9:30. Those that choose to head out to the river, basking in the sun, hot dogs cooking, families hanging out, it's an awesome relaxing three-day stretch. This year our traditional time off will be different of course, thanks to the pesky coronavirus. We've all had to adapt to life's changes, off-limits to concerts and sporting events in large stadiums - avoiding crowds, and being cautious - wearing masks when we are out and about. That's what our world is now. Crazy isn't it, how in just a couple of months almost EVERYTHING has changed.

One thing that will always stay the same, whether we are in quarantine mode, self-isolation or not, this weekend is so much more than drifting on a pontoon, feeling the mist on our face -Take some time to seriously think about one word - FREEDOM. Your choice to live your life any way you want. YOUR right to express yourself. Memorial Day Monday, May 25th is a day to REMEMBER and honor all the men and women who gave their lives while serving in the U.S. military. Those that sacrificed and gave drew their last breath so we could be free. A personal message from myself to anyone who has worn a uniform in the past and who wears one now -Thank You!


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