The spirit of people who are with us, to help out in days of trouble, come in all shapes and sizes. Some arrive in trucks, like the Adopt-a-Block Food Distribution folks. They have silently been delivering free food since last June. Their stops include Cash Wise stores, Dan's SuperMarkets, Natural Grocers and others. The Adopt-a-Block Food delivers to low-income families in Bismarck/Mandan and surrounding areas. They have served people 2 days a week, and are stepping up to go out and about for 5 days a week.

They aren't just dropping off a loaf of bread here and there, they have been at South Central High School and Jeannette Myhre Elementary distributing about 20,000-25,000 pounds of grocery products. The coronavirus has caused several food pantries to temporarily close, therefore extending the days the Adopt-a-Block Food truck will be delivering. Their longer week schedule begins today. For more on this story, and for a schedule that has their times and hours, please click here.

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