Christmas may be over, but that doesn't mean the gift giving has to stop.

Early last year, I discovered a website called What is, you ask? Well, it's a website where you can anonymously send animal dung to anyone in the country.

Genius, right? So, when I found this website, I decided I was going to pick a friend and randomly send them some feces. That random friend just so happened to be my buddy Dustin, who recently moved to Columbus, Ohio, with his fiance Megan. I'm also the Best Man in his upcoming wedding, which makes this gift that much more amusing.

Here's the best part about You have choices. You can choose to send a gallon or a quart of feces and you can choose between three types of animal sh*t:

  1. Cow dung
  2. Elephant crap
  3. Gorilla poop

I decided to go with one quart of elephant dung, mainly because I thought sending one gallon was just a bit ridiculous.

So, you order the poo you want and takes care of the rest. Below, you can see Dustin and Megan's reaction to their Christmas gift, also known as "The Best $25 I Ever Spent"!