Well, congratulations, you're having a baby. The anticipation of either you're first or fourth child is always glorious. The good old days made everyone wait to either buy a tiny blue stuffed football or a pink little doll. There was no such thing as ultrasound, a mother's intuition maybe, but there was no way to be sure whether a young boy or girl was arriving. Now, of course, with all the modern technologies, you can actually get a look at all the features the little bundle of joy will bring you before the baby's birth.

Jennifer Edwards and her husband Nathan are proud owners of their own business called Love at First Bump. What a cool thing, a gift to mothers and fathers very-soon-to-be! LAFB offers elective, non-medical 2D, 3D and 4D ultrasounds. KFYR reports part of just how awesome this service is - Jennifer described it this way “We find the heartbeat and we can just watch baby. We can go in 3D and 4D and see facial features. We can see them yawning or sucking their thumb. Hiccups are always fun to watch,”  All the videos and photos captured are then saved on an app...kind of a major head start to a baby album. How far back can Jennifer and Nathan go? Well, they say they can hear an infant's heartbeat as early as six weeks into a pregnancy - That's amazing. Check this out, they can find the gender just 14 weeks in. This is the crazy part - because their service is not considered medical, it's not covered by insurance. They do offer several packages - and you can check them out on Love at First Bump website -  loveatfirstbump.com.

I'm envious, in my opinion, I think Jennifer and Nathan have the greatest jobs around - making people happy and bringing previews of something special to come. For more on this story click here.


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