Do you have a "Bucket List"? Are there places and things in life you want to see in person? Some dream and never get the chance to see it come to a reality, One of my goals is to take a leisurely 2-hour drive out to Medora - lose about 450 golf balls out at the rugged Bully Pulpit Golf Course - then gladly trade my putter for a Fondue Fork and dine at the Pitchfork Steak Fondue. Catching a musical is considered a must-do event. If you have been to this magical town, you are nodding your head to everything I have just written.

Medora just recently survived a major scare as a grass fire burned over 2,200 acres - the flames got dangerously close to their famous amphitheater. Another heroic act of firefighters saved structures out there. Now check this out, if you had an amazing time on your visit out there, imagine what it would be like to get yourself a summer job and live there for a bit? According to KFYRTV, the town is getting ready for tourists to come out and experience the "Beautiful Badlands" for themselves. Medora has a team of seasoned summer veterans (workers) that are there making sure everything is in place and that the friendly atmosphere kicks into high gear. Kaelee Knoell, marketing manager for the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation, had this to say "We have big hopes to have everything open so people can enjoy as much of Medora as possible, but we need employees to do that".   

My guess is not only the appeal of Medora will spark interest in future employees, but this will help as well - A special incentive this year: signing bonuses of as much as $800 for people who commit to spend this summer working in Medora. Learn more about the job opportunities and sign-on bonuses at

Don't forget now - a Putter is for putting, a Fondue Fork is for eating!


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