I approached the intersection to turn left about  half an hour ago at 6th Ave SE and 3rd St SE and already you could see quite a few police officers on the scene

I went down the street just a bit and parked our station's vehicle in the parking lot of Corral Sales RV Superstore. The gentleman working there told me there was some kind of large commotion on the bridge a couple of blocks away - "A ton of police vehicles, a couple of ambulances, and just a large presence of activity were on the scene. I walked over to where the police crime scene tape was keeping people away - and this was at the Stage Stop Saloon & Grill.

Obviously whatever took place, had happened within a half hour of when I arrived

Of course, I wasn't expecting to get all the details of what went down, but as you can see from the cover picture of this article, there is what looks like a shirt with an evidence marker next to it, and I counted about three other markers as well in the parking lot. When something like this happens, almost immediately on one of our social media pages, there will be a ton of comments about what "They know happened..." or what "They heard from someone else". One report that was released less than an hour ago was of "an incident at Stage Stop in Mandan, involving two people that have been injured" No report on IF a weapon was used. My question is, "How often are weapons, whether it be a gun or a knife, brandished in public?" Just over the weekend, a man pulled a gun on someone inside a McDonald's here in Bismarck.


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