Ahh the glorious life of a comedian on tour

There is nothing like kicking back with a cigar in one hand and a drink in another. The wheels turning inside your head as you recently rocked it on Netflix and then continue on a nationwide tour - heck that deserves wearing your goofiest swim shorts and dangling your feet into a plastic kiddie lawn pool. Why not? That adds to the brilliance of this funny man named Steve Trevino.

"On Tour: America's Favorite Husband"

On this 46-year-old's Facebook page, Steve finished his 2nd Netflix special titled A Simple Man -  That came out this month. This platform has been pretty kind to Steve and other comedians in the past. Dave Chappelle, and Brian Regan have solidified their careers with their specials. What does a married father of two children talk about when he is performing? Well that's an easy one to answer, but I would rather show you a brief taste - this is called " I didn't know I can speak wife"

Steve Trevino YouTube

So let me ask you a question, what are your plans for May 25th? I have an excellent idea for you, plan on taking a scenic, relaxing drive to Prairie Knights Casino and watch Steve LIVE:

This was just posted today - from the Prairie Knights Casino Facebook Page:

 Save the date! Steve Treviño is coming to The Pavilion to give us a hilarious performance at Prairie Knights Casino on May 25th!     

There is nothing like taking an easy relaxing drive out to Prairie Knights and seeing an awesome show.

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