You can't miss it when you are driving down Memorial Highway here in Mandan. Leaving our radio station and heading west for about a half-mile, it's on your left. A small two-place cozy little business strip. Two different places entirely.

You have the "hand of God" on one side, and the hand or hands that God GAVE the talent to

Both businesses are right next to each other and are entirely different. One is the Disciples Church - a place for worship - somewhere to go to feel the comfort and love from those that also attend, and the many that provide solitude and personal growth with God. Now is Disciples a business? Depends on how you look at it really. There are churches all over Bismarck and Mandan - this special place wants your support in every way possible.

Next door neighbor provides a "God-given talent to so many happy customers"

It's a very short walk to Doll's Studios Tattoo & Piercing - this talented group of people will create whatever magic you wish with their "God-given talent". Keen eyes and steady hands, providing artwork on a customer's body is amazing. This place ALSO provides a form of worship - someone has an image that brings healing and helps soothe a loved one that just passed away, or maybe they want God's image engraved on their skin. Without a doubt, Doll's provides something unique and special for someone willing to invest in spending their money and time there.

Have you seen for yourself some completely different businesses right next door to each other?

That's what makes the world go round, right? I want to know from you if you have noticed any two places that are completely different from each other that share basically the same parking lot.



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