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It's  always great to hear a story coming out of Mandan of some kid straight up hustling it out!

According to the Bismarck Tribune, This 18 year old Jared Lipp  just bought his first house off of money he saved from his job's at Dan's and his number of yard work jobs.  Trust me owning a rental property is not easy ( I'm a Homeowner as well) but the fact that the Kid took initiative and now he as a Tenant in his house  speaks to his determination and his family upbringing.

Outside of dealing with the Tenant issues from time to time , This kid is still going to school ( high school) and then college where in he could possibly be a player in the business world and then tell everybody that he came from Mandan when he's doing his first 60 minutes interview.... Ok I got a little carried away there for a moment , I just felt it was so rares to hear about this story due to the  fact that this kid is so young,


Hopefully we get to see more guys and girls out there like Jared.


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