Interesting sight and a pretty curious marketing campaign for this Dentist office. 

It was the prelude to the parade yesterday and we were waiting to start. Then all of a sudden we saw this llama riding a Segway. It looked like it didn't know how to handle the equipment, I mean llamas are pack animals, not animals that are electronically literate.

I have to admit, I really went to the guy in the suit and asked him what animal he was trying to be, I actually thought kangaroo first.  It was one of the many funny and odd sites at the Mandan parade yesterday.  I think the site of him riding a Segway was pretty confusing because I didn't know what the tie into dentistry was.

Then again it was probably shock value. People could've been as curious as me asking why that guy in an animal suit was on that vehicle.

Anyway, Mandan Llama's shouldn't ride Segways.

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