The Lonesome Dove is waiting for their day in Court.

The hearing on the mural was postponed till July 30th  because the city of Mandan requested additional time to put their case together.

The reason we are in this fight is that the city requires a permit to have Murals on the outside of businesses. Of course, the Lonesome Dove has applied for that permit but has been denied.

They were granted a temporary restraining order last month till the matter goes to a hearing.

Here is the opinion part of this blog:

Who cares if there is a mural on the side of this legendary bar?  I understand the city wants to uphold some type of professionalism in their retail stores so visibly it would be helpful to attract more businesses to town but this seems a little overboard.  This is a Bar, far away from the main street business district.

It seems to me that the local government has some vendetta against the harmless vice ( bars) and is looking to make an example of someone.  No Bueno!

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