There are some things that sadly will never change - scum bags pulling scams on innocent people, and stealing hard-earned money. Just when we think we are fairly safe, like maybe downloading some phone scamming app, we get burned once again. KXNET reports that an iPhone scam circulating in the area that cost one local woman $29,000. According to police reports on October 31, a Mandan woman was contacted by a male who claimed to work for Amazon. The caller claimed an iPhone had been purchased by the woman on her account and wanted to confirm it was a legitimate purchase. Here is the terrifying part, after she told the creep that she had not bought a phone, the thief persuaded her into believing that if she installed a program, he would be able to walk her through the refund process. Sadly she fell for it, went along with his instructions, and therefore he had full control of her computer.

His plan became more elaborate when he also tricked her into believing that a website she was directed to was Amazon's. The con's trickery continued, while she was entering the amount of money to be refunded, another zero was added by the thief, unbeknownst to the victim. This resulted in the refund larger than the purchase. Once she believed that, it was all over - he told her that she would need to wire the refund overpayment back. She went ahead and performed a wire transfer, and that's when he said that nothing came through. The woman, later on, then discovered your worst nightmare -  $28,965 was missing from her bank account. Mandan police advise to never give out any personal or banking information. For more on this story click here.


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