Had a chance to talk with Rob Puttre this afternoon for about ten minutes

Rob is a part owner along with Garrett Hooker of Black Lions in Mandan - 200 West Main Street suite 202..Since 2019, this friendly bar has been a relaxing place for so many locals AND anyone else who chooses to drop in. The charm about this place is that many people who stop in know each other and greet each other the same way you see on the TV show "Cheers" - Just recently Rob and Garrett have been crazy busy getting ready to relocate.

Yes, relocating. No need to worry though...

...for their plans are to move a couple of blocks down the street - 412 West Main Street. A bigger place, with a kitchen - one day soon to be making pizzas and other delicious food. Hopefully sometime late next month they will be up and running. In the meantime, Black Lions will still greet you with open arms until they move' and good news all around, especially since they are looking for YOU to join their team. Check out what they posted on their Facebook page yesterday:

"Join our team! We will be opening a new pub and pizza location in Mandan and are looking for some extra help! We are hiring kitchen staff and bartenders! Please inquire in person at 202 W Main Street Mandan during operating hours" 

Of course, the last question I had for Rob is what I ask everyone I talk to, from rock stars to athletes, to people doing what they love. "What is your favorite part of your job?" ......."The people that come through our doors. I get to know a lot about so many I've met around town, and to see them enjoy themselves and relax is the best"  Rob fits right in - in textbook "North Dakota Nice" fashion.


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