I saw my first hockey game ever, in person. Now I am hooked, the whole spectacle is lightning fast. To skate with such speed, agility, finesse is beyond my comprehension. Have you ever seen those cartoons when one of the character's feet goes a mile a minute, trying not to fall? That's me, crossing the street and coming across black ice. So I'm blown away by anyone who takes part in this sport. There is a Mandan high school hockey player that is blending everything together, and becoming a big-time force in the rink. Her name is Maci Berg. She is causing every opposing goalie around to lose sleep - just recently one of the best in the state felt her wrath - Devils Lake Molly Black has been stingy all season, her save percentage defending the cage is phenomenal. According to The Morton County & Mandan News Black put a halt to 42 out of 44 shots back on December 29th, unfortunately, though the pucks that got past her were enough for the Braves to pull off a 2-1 win at the Starion Sports Complex. Guess who fired off those? Berg, a swift sophomore defenseman glided through and slammed home the winner.

The Braves are a good looking team and have had to play short-handed at times due to a couple of injuries and a quarantine. Mandan head girls hockey coach Ben Hertz is proud of his team - "We're just a couple of mistakes from being undefeated. We've played good team hockey. We've moved the puck pretty well, and the effort and determination of the girls has made a big difference." 

Keep an eye on Maci, you can bet opposing teams sure will be.



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