What a couple of weeks it has been for Ohm's Cafe In Mandan...

...you will read further down in this article about Ohm's Cafe opening their doors on Sundays now - WELL check out this announcement:

 How about that! For all you responsible people who want to enjoy a bloody mary now, and continue to eat some great food and friendly service - Here you go!

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"Mandan needs another place on Sundays!! So excited"

That was one of the several comments that followed Ohm's Café Facebook page announcement this last month. Here is what they had to say, to the joy of all of their past and future customers: 

"OPEN SUNDAYS!! yup that's right Starting January 14th, 2024, we will be open Sundays from 8 am to 6 pm"

Most of us know that Ohm's is not a new place opening up for the first time -located at 808 West Main Street IN Mandan - Ohm's is one of the oldest family-owned restaurants in North Dakota - we are talking back to the mid-40s. You might recall that it was just recently that the talk around town was that this wonderful place was up for sale - which worried so many locals.

The WORD  on the street was that they were looking to sell back in early September

In the last couple of years other businesses that had closed their doors, whether it was here in Mandan or Bismarck, had experienced almost the same thing - a lack of employees. There was talk that Ohm's were looking to sell. On September 3rd, Ohm's gave us some great news through their Facebook page:

"As we are extremely sad for our fellow businesses that have closed in our area we are here to welcome all of their loyal customers. We have not sold, but have decided to take the business off the market and keep it within our family. A third generation of Leier's, our amazing Niece Casey will be taking charge as of the first of the year. She will be doing some updates to the interior and some minor changes but all in all, Ohms will stay the same amazing establishment you all have grown to know and love. Thank you all for your continued support"

SO...What are you doing this Sunday????

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