Are you a fan of history? Do you love hearing about the "will and desire" of others? Well this story and this house have plenty of that

As a fellow employee remarked earlier today, this beautiful place that sits majestically over at 4415 Old Red Trail is "a fascinating place that welcomes one to the Mandan area"..I agree one thousand percent.

I have heard of people moving a house from one site to another, but it's pretty rare

If by chance you have a relative who has lived out here in North Dakota for quite some time ( obviously ), like a great-grandparent, he or she may remember this same house located in New Salem back in 1897. Today this marvelous mansion is known as the "Serendipity House"  Here is a brief history of this place:

According to Kevin Kremer:

"This landmark house began out in New Salem in 1897. It was once a Rectory for St. Pius Church, a home for Catholic Sisters, and home to respected Philip Blank Sr.

In February of 1977, an ad appeared in the Mandan Newspaper, asking for sealed bids to remove or tear down the home. The bid that was accepted was submitted by Ann and Caroline Conrath (mother and daughter), for $1000 to purchase and move the home.

David Weiss, a house mover, was hired for the job. He moved some 100 tons of house to where it currently sits on Old Red Trail. After having secured the house to its new foundation, Ann and Caroline worked hard and by hand they prepared the house together to become their art gallery and home.

By July of 1979, the two of them happily moved into the main part of the house while they continued to work on the upper floor, which was soon to become the gallery"

Reports are that there is a family living inside - imagine the history that they are feeling inside this home.

To me, the full charm of 4415 Old Red Trail is the labor of love...

...that family members in the past gave from their hearts to preserve the integrity of an iconic storied mansion.



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