This morning I had the opportunity to head out to Kitty City - 4747 22nd Ave in Mandan. I had no idea just how incredible this place is. When you think of animals that have been rescued, they are usually living in a kennel - with not much room to move around. I pulled into the sprawling ranch-style place, which is also home for horses ( Triple H Miniature Horse Rescue ), chickens, Wanda ( the blind pig ) - I walked into Allison and Steve Smith's Kitty City sanctuary. A trailer from one end to the other filled with disabled and surrendered cats. There are about 50 of them spread out in different areas. I found it impossible to grasp the full reality of what it takes to take care of these cats. This is not someplace you would imagine lost, uncared for, abused animals to live at. Kitty City is a place of committed love, dedicated volunteers, safe areas for the kittens, teenagers, and older adult felines - to live in peace - to take a zillion naps, to be medically treated, to be held and petted, to have someone cradle them in their arms. Each cat is unique, Allison and Steve fondly recount how they were saved - for instance just recently Steve took a road trip past Dickinson and rescued12 cats that were trapped. There are about 30 volunteers that come out on a regular basis, they have been trained on which cats need what kind of medicine, etc. The one section of their haven is where some of the cats have been given their own private, comfortable room - inside the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus area. They are being treated as best they can - happy and safe.

Here is the misconception that most people have about cats, they think that they are just fine taking care of themselves, more independent, and that don't need to rely on you and me at all. Not true. When they are abused, tossed away, unloved, the life span of a cat living like a feral is about two years. Check this out, Allison and Steve spend a lot of money making sure the cats that are brought in are getting quality care. They only charge a small fee of $75 for adoption. Take a look at their website   Allison told me that they will have several dates available for you and your whole family to visit Kitty City  - AND here is the most important part of all, if you or your organization would like to sponsor a Kitty City event give her a call - 1-701-220-4449. Call her and make an appointment to see this wonderful place yourself! 1-701-220-4449

Mandan's Cat Haven.

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