Sad news for people fighting for the legalization of recreational marijuana in North Dakota this election: you won't be able to vote on it at the polls this year. But those working to get it on the ballot, will not give up. The supporters are going to start again, collecting signatures to get recreational marijuana on the next ballot.

According to Valley News Live (Fargo), supporters of legalized recreational marijuana could not collect enough signatures in time to get the issue on the ballot for this November's election. The report says that at least 26,904 signatures needed to be gathered and submitted in order to be on the ballot, but only slightly less than 24,000 were collected before the deadline. But, the supporters aren't giving up hope on getting the issue on the ballot for the next election in 2022. Get all the details from Valley News Live here.

Now, if you can't be convinced that cannabis is harmless, maybe you'll soon find out that is actually beneficial and change your mind. According to Forbes, inflammation in the lungs is something that doctors and scientists are trying to control when fighting COVID-19. The article says that THS and CBD are both cannabinoids that have anti-inflammatory properties. Get all the details about the potential benefits of cannabis in the fight against the Coronavirus here.

How do you feel about the push to legalize marijuana for recreational use in North Dakota? How do you feel about the push to research benefits of cannabis in the fight against the Coronavirus?

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