McDonald's apparently had a parasite issue in their salads that have affected people in 7 states.

According to Thrillist, The states are Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, Missouri, Nebraska, and Wisconsin. Luckily not North Dakota though.

Now, this is pretty gross, apparently, the Parasite in question comes from poop.

McDonalds’ has quickly changed its lettuce supplier and according to them, most restaurants have the new blend of lettuce already.

The toll of those affected is up to 163 with 3 people being hospitalized and no fatalities.

If I were you and were looking to get that salad at McDonald's, I would wait a week or so, get the Big Mac instead and consider it a mini vacation till the new ingredients arrive. 

Sheesh, they never had salad's at McDonald's when I worked there as a kid in the 80's, the closest thing to a healthy option then was the filet-o-fish. I do miss those MCDLT's though.

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