The State Fair has begun! Here' are some alcoholic and non-alcoholic rules to know should you decide to get thirsty. 

So you're enjoying yourself at the state fair but it's hot and you want to get something to drink... No worries there are places all over the grounds where you can get drinks. Alcohol though is a different story. Here's what they offer:

  • Alcohol is served in the Flicker Tale beer garden and the Pub as well as the Grandstand.
  • The Pub has beer and a limited liquor bar as well if you want that little cocktail to watch the concert with. The other locations just have beer.
  • You can enjoy your beverage while in the Grandstand concert area but outside of that, you can only have it in the places that serve it, not walking around the fair itself.
  • To get alcohol you must buy a drink ticket.
  • The Fair is also very strict on bringing food and beverages into the Fairground and will ask you to throw out food and pour out beverages at the gate. 

Non-alcohol is a little different whereas there are plenty of places to purchase including the food court and all beverages will be Pepsi products (sorry coke drinkers).

There you have it! Now you can enjoy the fair without getting parched!

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