I will be 100% honest with you, as of yesterday, I had no clue what this guy sings or anything about him...

...BUT I do know this, I'm a huge fan of his from this moment on. I'm all about people being real, giving back to others, and doing what they can to treat others with respect and kindness, no matter how HUGE their popularity is.

His name is Jelly Roll and he just performed at the North Dakota State Fair this past weekend

There is nothing like a summer-packed outdoor concert at the North Dakota State Fair - there is an air of excitement of North Dakotans relaxing in the sun cheering on their favorite performer - and in front of around 18,000 people Jelly Roll delivered, and then some.

A first-class gesture from a superstar wanting to give back, and it all started with a tweet......"It all started with a tweet!!! Jelly Roll came out to chat with our kids at Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch !! *edit* I have to say, I did the easy part Amber and her team did the work to get him here!"

attachment-Screenshot 2023-07-24 121849

Jelly Roll accepted the invitation and took some time out of a hectic - pre-concert day, stopping by to share a song and his experience - I hope people know just how HUGE this is in lives that need a role model like Jelly Role - a man that isn't too big to know that by giving back to others can literally help save lives.


Thank you, sir, for being yourself and sharing experiences and life lessons with North Dakotans and others. You are a true inspiration!

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