I have heard and read about so many people who have been ripped off by this in the past, losing their hard-earned money

Obviously, like most fairs that you come across in different towns and cities across the nation, they are only ONCE a year. They pretty much happen in the summer when the days are long and the nights are nice and warm. It's such a wonderful tradition that the whole family looks forward to - what do you first think of when you hear the word FAIR? For me, it's entertainment ( concerts of almost every type of music ), animals, rides, and terrific fried food. However, there are a few people who try and use the fair for their personal attempt at ripping others off.

This is nothing new at all by the way...

...a scam that fools people into thinking they can they can purchase their North Dakota State Fair tickets THROUGH them - offering them a more convenient way to buy their tickets, get their seats reserved early etc - but in the end they, unfortunately, realize the hard way that they just got ripped off! So we just finished off the month of February and now it's time to set your sights ON the 2023 NDSF - get ready, tickets for ALL the concerts go on sale TOMORROW. Here is the safest way possible you can assure that you won't be a victim of fraud:

If you just follow this simple post from the North Dakota State Fair you'll be all good...

...AND always remember to empty all your pockets before you go on their slingshot ride!

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