Hey a dollar here and a dollar and twenty cents there, every penny saved counts, right?

Starting next month ( Tomorrow is February 1st ) Montana-Dakota Utilities electric customers will be able to see a slight decrease in their monthly bills. I'll take it! Not everyone has MDU, though they do cover much of Mandan and Bismarck. Anything that saves us money should be recognized. According to bismarcktribune.com "The North Dakota Public Service Commission has approved a new “renewable rider” that will amount to a decrease of $1.20 per month on the average customer's bill"

The encouraging thing is that we are starting to see something positive happening with our utilities

I know that the norm is to be upset by rising costs, either at the gas pumps or at home. So let's be grateful that this is happening and that something positive is taking place when it comes to saving us some money. The costs are associated with wind farms. I would have never guessed that the renewable rider takes in from two in southwestern North Dakota and one in Montana. The bismarcktribune.com also reported that "Commissioner Randy Christmann said the rate also accounts for the installation of a new lighting system at the North Dakota wind farms and the "repowering" of the Montana wind farm"

There are more than 3,000 wind turbines that help generate power across North Dakota

That's a pretty amazing statistic when you think about it. Nothing more impressive than seeing them off to the side when you are on your way to Minot. So listen, don't go out and spend that extra $1.20 all in one place.

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