Just the other day a true angel came by our studios

Her name is Kathleen Atkinson - this angel on earth has helped save lives along with other wonderful volunteers in our city. Here is a woman who has visited prisons many times, her goal is to be a "supportive spiritual presence" for those that are inside the walls, OR for anyone else for that matter. November of 2013 was the start of something special.

Kathleen founded the Ministry On The Margins back in November 2013

We are coming up on 10 years of lending a hand, feeding those who are hungry, and providing a warm safe environment - 201 North 24th Street is heaven to many people here in Bismarck and Mandan. I had a chance to speak to this amazing person on the phone today, she answered one of my questions beautifully. "We help people who have fallen through the cracks, especially during times of transition. Our volunteers ( up to around 80 of them ) help with serving food and unloading in the food pantry. From giving haircuts to treating those in need of some medical aid"

Ministry supporting people, from addiction to the homeless 

Try and imagine what it's like to have no home -physically and mentally the anguish seems unbearable. Now add the cold temperatures and it's a mixture for disaster. Here are words of hope and love:

 Our COFFEE HOUSE operates nightly from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am — Seven Days A Week.
Come to the Ministry for a place of safety and rest each night (no appointments, just walk in!)  

Kathleen is grateful for the support from the community and the police ( who by the way are EXTREMELY grateful for Ministry On The Margins )  I wanted to make sure I told her how amazing she is - being a part of the greatest gift of all. She responded with class "Having someone come up to me 6 years later and thank me for saving their life is what I love the most, respected and loved in our community"

Let me give you just a quick peek at the respect and love returned to Kathleen:

"Sister Kathleen; I absolutely love your heart and the work you are doing in this community to help those! You are a huge blessing answering people's prayers daily!"

❤️ your ministry! “I was hungry and you fed me . . . in prison and you visited me”

Here is where YOU can be a part of the Ministry On The Margins - November 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th - Townsquare Media will once again help raise some $ and collect non-perishable food items at both Cash Wise Food Locations. 96 Hours Of Caring. More details soon

Lives saved, families kept warm, addictions faced, and faith shared among others, It truly was an honor talking to her today Thank you Kathleen for your huge heart, for the 10th anniversary coming up on like I said before, "Heaven here in Bismarck"

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