When the dust settled, and this year's Memorial Day had passed, the whole world was aware of the violent death of George Floyd. A video had captured eight minutes and fifteen seconds of police brutality in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The stomach-churning feeling you get when something is just so wrong - injustice playing out on someone's camera phone recording prejudice and violence.  - the latter part of which is nothing new and that's the saddest part of all. The frustrations in all of us have added to an already exhausting, demoralizing year, The Minnesota Vikings have set their goal to do something about racial indifferences. Just about three months ago the Vikings pledged five million dollars for social justice causes throughout the United States in the wake of the Floyd killing. ESPN came out with this article today adding this "The team's social justice committee announced on Tuesday that nearly $1 million will go toward the launch and expansion of multiple initiatives throughout the Twin Cities. The Vikings created the George Floyd Legacy Scholarship with a $125,000 endowment that will generate approximately $5,000 annually to benefit Black graduating seniors in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

With programs now set up for the youth, as in scholarships and encouragement, the Vikings are hoping people will get involved with the process and strive for change. They also plan on joining forces with local programs which that will focus on expanding statewide educational curriculum on Black history, racism. The Vikings also continue their relationship with Project Success - doing wonderful things with the youth such as helping them with life skills and gaining confidence in themselves. It's all a great thing the Minnesota Vikings are doing for their city, their people, and setting an example for all to hopefully follow. For more on this story click here.


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