Sometimes it can be pretty controversial when it comes down to "Pulling the plug"

There are many times in life that come down to making a heartbreaking decision. A family member has been sick for quite a while, in the hospital hooked up to a ventilator, and as each painful day goes by it becomes silently apparent that the machine is the only thing keeping your loved one alive. When is it time to "pull the plug"? When are you all ready to finally accept that there is nothing anyone or any machine can do anymore? Time to let go. Now, what if the hospital tells you that THEY are going to turn off the ventilator, but YOU still have faith and hope not to give up?

Minnesota wife had a judge put a halt to a hospital taking that final step

This is what happens when you are NOT ready to give up. According to "A 55-year-old Buffalo, Minn., man, critically ill from COVID-19, has been transferred to a Texas hospital after his wife secured a restraining order against an Allina hospital that had planned to take him off a ventilator"  Anoka County District Judge Jennifer Stanfield made this happen for Anne Quiner.

The husband was moved to another hospital in Texas

The obvious fight to keep her husband Scott Quiner alive has won. The will and hope for the Quiner family are strong, as added that "All of his organs, except his lungs, are functioning properly" Pray for miracles, they do happen.

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