A brand new team getting ready to tear it up, only one thing missing though....

I lived in Minot for just over 4 years and had a blast. Some people say it's too small of a town, and that's why they live here in Bismarck - more restaurants, shops, and things to do - I agree, however, there is something to be said about a smaller community. A little less stress it feels like, and that is appealing to me, and many others. Big city or small, the game of baseball can bring in the most loyal fan base. When I lived there back in 2019 Minot had the Souris Valley Sabre Dogs. They played in what was called the Expedition League ( an ideal place for collegiate players to hone their game ) - Corbett Field saw many games there in the 5-year lease that the Dogs were in, sadly though they posted on their Facebook page in February that this year was their last.

Minot say "Hello" to the Northwoods League!

"Play Ball" will be heard at Corbett Field in 2023 - Monica Blake, who spent 4 years working with the Bismarck Larks is now the general manager of the Minot....ummm, the Minot...well here is where you come into play. According to kfyrtv.com “We’re still missing one important item, which is a team name. This is Minot’s team, and we want the community to be a part of this decision,” said General Manager and Managing Partner Monica Blake. To vote for a team name, visit the Minot Baseball LLC website. The first round of voting closes on Sept. 2.

Let the Minot/Bismarck rivalry begin

This is such a win-win for everyone, once again, whether you live in a big city or not, BASEBALL is the same anywhere.

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