Easter Sunday has come and gone, I hope that you had a relaxing weekend, spent time with your loved ones, and honored the man "Upstairs" (No, not the dude who plays his music too loud above you at your apartment). My day was pretty cool, I actually got up too darn early, made my way to the store, and saw charming dressed-up families walking out to the car, no doubt on their way to church. I'm sure children all over Bismarck were loving the Easter baskets they had received, munching on a chocolate bunny while searching for a hidden egg. I can relate, for I spent some time myself hacking through bushes at Pebble Creek Golf Course, looking for a golf ball, while puffing on a cigar.

I had the opportunity to tee it up with a co-worker from one of our sister stations at 4303 Memorial Highway - 12th floor (Elevator STILL busted). Scott McGowan from Cool 98.7 and I had the course pretty much to ourselves as we plodded along with our pull carts. This would be my first time golfing (if that's what you call it) here in town since I moved from Minot over a year ago. Life is definitely getting back to normal since COVID-19 first came on the scene - golf courses now are mostly open around town, and it was refreshing to get outside and stretch the legs. Sadly there were no hole-in-ones by either one of us (NO pars either) - but we didn't care - for I know someday soon, I'll be out there again to conquer the course record.

Easter Sunday was a relaxing day, under the skies of 60+ temps, I had a calming feeling of being able to enjoy one of the many things to see and do here in town, and let me know if you come across one of my balls.


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