Help me out with something - So is It Pronounced Ka-Row-Key OR Carry-O-Key?  You say Tomato, I say To -Mah-Toe. I had this great debate when I moved to Fargo seven years ago - The word is Karaoke. No matter how you say it, I think of nothing else than sheer terror when that awful word is brought up. The actual thought of singing in front of a crowd gives me the chills. There has to be some kind of phobia out there, right? Kar - A - Phobia.

Do you find yourself singing along to a song on the radio in your car?

I know for a fact I'm not the only one who hides their off-key voice. Many people I know ONLY sing when they are alone. Now that I have that insecurity out of the way, more power to those who enjoy each other's company and get out and just do it! That's the beauty of Karaoke - to be yourself and do what you love to do - most people are fueled by alcohol, hence that makes them that much more confident to belt out a Lady Gaga tune.

Where do people like to go in Bismarck/Mandan to show off their talent?

I asked our very own Scott McGowan from Cool 98.7 that very question, and he ran off several places - The Tap-In Tavern (right down the street from us on Memorial Highway) - The CraftCade - The Blackstone Tavern - The Corral Bar. I asked the seasoned North Dakota veteran how K A R A O K E is said properly. Scott claims previous to 2001 it was pronounced Ka - Row - Key, but after the emergence of more and more outside visitors to BisMan, the CORRECT way to say it is Carry - O - Key. That's how the Japanese started it 50 years ago - check it out yourself Japanology.

Finally, If I get hit head-on by an asteroid tomorrow, and I wake up in a dimly lit bar with someone singing along to an already terrible Mariah Carey song, I'll know I ended up in hell!


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