Ever have one of those nights when you are feeling lucky? You're out and about and decide to saunter over to your local bar, and what do you know, like a shiny bright star in the sky, there is a pull-tab machine beckoning you over. Maybe twenty minutes later, or twenty bucks lighter in your wallet, you suddenly don't feel so charmed anymore. To those who are unaware of what a Pull-Tab experience is like, it kind of resembles a slot machine. Tickets are purchased, then each window has combinations of symbols and prizes that you can win. Gambling is what it is really. You don't find them everywhere,

Yesterday North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem may have saved some unlucky gamers money by suspending the license of a company that makes up a good part of North Dakota's Pull-Tab machines. His reason why is that  Powerhouse Gaming Inc - based out of California - is being called out because of pirating software used in its money-grubbing machines. PG Inc could not produce any info against the claim that they failed to show any evidence that they had purchased a software license for each pull tab device in the state. Stenehjem's office also said that the machines are to be shut down immediately. The Attorney General has been investigating whether the company has been involved in any wrongdoings since May. There is no answer to the question of when or if Powerhouse Gaming will be back in business soon, first though they need to prove they are in "full compliance with all gambling regulations". Check out yourself just how many machines are affected by this by clicking here. Final thoughts, maybe this is a blessing in disguise? Thank you NDAG Stenehjem for saving us some money!



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