Had this scenario been presented to you, what would you have done?

Is there such a thing as the "Hunter's code"? Yes of course. I looked on Google and there are quite a few different sites listed. Most of the ones I read have the same "rules" listed. Respect the environment and wildlife. The basics of being safe are mentioned as well. What if any of them bring up an issue of a true test of integrity?

This incident happened in Wisconsin, but it hits home everywhere

This story has touched many, it also has brought out an interesting ethical test. Here is what took place, back in December a man out for a drive saw something that grabbed his attention right away. According to fieldandstream.com "...two whitetail bucks with their antlers locked together. The bucks were on private property in Wisconsin’s Trempealeau County, which is a hotspot for big bucks" - 90-year-old Everett Sluga immediately got a hold of the 2 landowners ( both of them hunters ), which led them to pursue the deer.

A Gridlock in a creek bed ends in a dramatic finish

So here it is. ten feet away. Two animals struggling to get away, from you and each other. All you and your partner have to do is just stand back and finish the job. It is hunting season, open game right? Troy Rebarchek and his wife Tami were staring at an easy kill. “Both were 3-1/2- to 4-1/2-year-old 8-pointers. [It] would’ve been a beautiful 16-point mount hanging on our wall"  Troy posted on his Facebook according to fieldandstream.com. The moment came, he even took aim with his bow, but couldn't do it. He then set his attention to freeing them, which he did.

All about ethics

The bucks ran off free in different directions, and Troy explained to a local TV news station (weau.com)  perfectly his actions “I just didn’t feel it was right shooting them in the situation they were in, It just didn’t feel ethical to me..."

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