An amazing story out of Fargo this past weekend, something that hopefully can inspire all of us to prepare ourselves to be ready. According to Valleynewslive during the middle of a football game - the annual Shrine game at West Fargo Sheyenne, “Can we please get medical help to the field immediately?” Fans heard over the loudspeaker. “Can we please get medical help to the field immediately?” They repeated. One of the referees had collapsed on the field - as a hushed crowd held their breath, three nurses bolted out of the stands and came to the man's side.

Valley News Live reported the names of the trio - Andrea Jackson, Shannon Malard - Sanford nurses in Bismarck, and St. Alexius nurse Brittney Koch who lives in Beulah - worked on the fallen man, and started CPR.

                   Saturday night the Shrine Bowl Officials relayed some great news to Valley News Live -  the referee was ‘stable and well’ at the hospital and would spend the night for evaluation. After the nurse's incredible rescue, they pointed out something so invaluable - the importance of being CPR certified.

I had something so sudden, so similar to what our heroes went through - about thirty years ago when I was working at a restaurant in San Diego, a diner stood up and was turning blue in the face. He nodded his head when I asked if he was choking, without thinking an impulse took over and I performed the Heimlich maneuver. A piece of prime rib was dislodged from his lungs and he quickly regained his breathing. That was something I obviously was grateful for, that was taught to me, and I believe everyone should have some kind of knowledge in case that split-second effort is needed to maybe save someone's life. Sanford Health offers classes that you can sign up for - perhaps this message on their page says it best -

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