Do we judge people on their appearance? Absolutely. Some may say they don't, but it's pretty hard not to. There are some that try their very best to put forth a good FIRST appearance, for they feel that so many will judge you right then and there on your first encounter. It's pretty close to impossible to dazzle everyone with your hidden charms right off the bat, with all of that said imagine what 35-year-old Sylvain Helaine goes through day after day. This gentleman has his whole body covered in tattoos, including his face and tongue, and had the whites of his eyes surgically turned black. Here is the test, he is a kindergarten teacher. CNN.COM goes on to say that Sylvain observes that after the initial first appearance and shock, that his students of over 6 years get all of that and accept him for who he is.

There was a time when he was teaching in Paris when a younger boy of just three years old became frightened after coming across the tattooed man, and told his parents that he was having nightmares at night. Mom and dad complained to educational authorities - which eventually resulted in Helaine losing his job. There was an agreement to remove him from any class that had kids under 6, to prevent any further situations. This may have been a good reason for some to walk away from teaching, but not Sylvain - his goal is to teach children that they should accept people who are different than the rest. The great news is that he will still continue to teach  "I'm a primary school teacher ... I love my job."  For more on this story click here.



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