August 31st begins Bow hunting season. If you're a new hunter and are curious which way to go, then let's compare the differences of Bowhunting to Rifle hunting. 

Bow Hunting:

5-600 cost for equipment: Including new strings.

Recurring cost is minimal: Arrows are cheap.

Psychologically more difficult: Intense focus and precision are needed.

Must be 15 to 20 yards from the quarry: Your hunting skills and instinct are similar to the quarry in the food chain. You are the closest to an actual predator physically and emotionally.

More physically demanding: There is really nothing external that will allow you to steady your weapon. Everything comes from your shoulder and back strength.

Practice opportunities are pretty easy: All you need is a target and a backstop.

Bow hunters need to be precise on their hit: The smallest leaf or branch can divert the shot. Also, with less force than a gun, the bow can just injure an animal rather than kill it.

Rifle Hunting 

Cost 5-$600

Recurring costs are expensive: Ammo isn't cheap

Not as difficult psychologically: Just have a good scope

Can be 50-300 yards away: as long as you're steady, and have a good scope you have a chance on a nice kill shot.

Less physically demanding: You can sit down, lay down or use a tree to steady your weapon.

Practice opportunities are pretty difficult: You would need a 300+ range or so which can be hard to find in a specific city.

You have a better chance of success with a rifle.

The verdict pretty much comes down to personal preference. If you need to see success quickly, then the Rifle is for you. If you are a purist and you're ok with paying your dues to get better then maybe you should look at the bow.

Personally, I would go to the rifle first to get the confidence up then switch to the Bow which seems like a more challenging way to hunt 






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