Yes, it's that part of the summer when training camps open, and pre-season games are not far behind. 

Here's a schedule of the teams that matter in this area:

Minnesota Vikings: Rookies report 7-24 Veterans 7-27

Eagles: Rookies 7-25 Veterans 7-25

Green Bay Packers: Rookies 7-25 Veterans 7-25

Pittsburgh Steelers: Rookies 7-24 Veterans 7-25

Seattle Seahawks: Rookies 7-25 Veterans 7-25

For the full list, you can go to

Obviously, the NFL Network and ESPN will be stirring up rumors of dissension and conflict in the training camps as well as full 24-hour coverage of holdouts, which can be annoying. Just know that in a mere couple of weeks, we will be seeing live preseason games on TV and I can't wait.

Here are some storylines to watch:

  • How does Carson Wentz look in coming back from ACL surgery?
  • How does Deshaun Watson look in coming back from ACL surgery?
  • Are the Rams for real? Will they finally sign Aaron Donald to an extension?
  • Will Earl Thomas end his holdout or be traded?
  • Will the Cowboys continue to underachieve under Jason Garrett?
  • Also are people going to kneel for the flag this year?

Hopefully, we can focus on football this year and leave the politics to the news channels. 

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