No matter what the business is in Bismarck/Mandan it is always sad when they close their doors for good

It's one of the toughest, most challenging things to do in any city, big or small. Running a business takes planning, good old-fashioned hard workers with a goal in mind, and a little luck goes a long way. There are two Erbert and Gerbert restaurants in Bismarck, to me, there is nothing better than a big old sandwich lined with turkey, avocado, and provolone cheese - The North and South end of town eateries has provided great food for quite a while, sadly though one of them is closing their doors.

Saying goodbye to their customers is a top-notch classy thing to do

This is what Sherry Anderson had to say on Bismarck People Reporting News Facebook Page :

"Hi everyone… I’m a manager at Erbert and Gerbert's in North Bismarck. It is with heavy heart to inform the community that our doors have shut permanently as of today. We appreciate all of your business and the fond memories of our customers!"

The comments from sad customers are not surprising one bit - The unique ways of giving you the "guts" of the bread to dip into a soup is what so many look forward to when they stop off at Erbert and Gerbert's. The owners understand genuinely understand how special it is to be able to make so many people happy. Good service and treating others with respect. The hardest thing to do is to close your doors permanently, and they did it with class!

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