There are a couple of things in life I have found that EVERYBODY loves - one is money, that's a no-brainer, and the other is donuts. Old fashioned, glazed, chocolate, the more the merrier. Let your sweet tooth be your guide as you head out towards 931 S 9th St, in the strip mall by Erbert & Gerberts. The state's second Donut Hole had their soft opening on the 11th of this month. KFYR TV reported that Shannon Halvorson, owner of Donut Hole is pretty excited about bringing people into her store “I really want to see the excitement come back into the community and then creating networks within the community that we can also give back into Bismarck and then bring people in that brings happiness inside the store,” 

The Donut Hole is just one of many new restaurants that are popping up all over Bismarck - construction delays have pushed back the openings of Chick-fil-a, Blaze Pizza and a second Five Guys ln the Kirkwood mall parking lot - no grand opening dates determined as of yet. Here is the amazing part, Brian Ritter, president of Bis-Man Chamber EDC. says one of the biggest challenges these new businesses will face, besides being ready for their doors to finally open for customers, is finding employees, In October, the state’s unemployment percentage was 2.2 percent. The growth of this city is exciting and the potential to hopefully one day soon, be back to normal after the disaster of last year, is something to "sink our teeth into"


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