It is always incredible to hear heroic stories of children or animals saving the day. We have a story, out of North Dakota, that showcases one story of a child and her animal's bravery. One little girl and her kitten saved their family from a fire last week.

The Grand Forks Herald reports that, in the early morning on January 20, 10-year-old Kassidee Gallaway awoke to her kitten, Sage, pawing at her face. Kassidee noticed a "burnt pizza smell" and it was hot in her room. She knew something was wrong. So, she hopped into action.

The Grand Forks Herald reports that Kassidee alerted her parents and brother of the fire. They, along with two dogs and one cat out of the house safely. Unfortunately, the sweet fur ball who alerted Kassidee, Sage, did not survive the fire. Two hamsters also perished. But both Kassidee and Sage will be remembered as heroes.

Helzberg Diamonds in Grand Forks gifted a "hero" diamond necklace to Kassidee, and the Hoople Fire Department "gave the family an honorary helmet to make sure Sage would never be forgotten," as well as a hand-written letter for the kitten. Get the full story from Grand Forks Herald here.

The family lost everything in this devastating fire. So, a GoFundMe has been set up in their honor.

The Grand Forks Herald's story about the family states that the family only had Sage about one month before the house fire took her. She may have only gotten a short time on this earth, but Sage's final day clearly made had lifechanging impact on Kassidee and her family.

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