When you work for tips, the money can be great, but you definitely have to know how to "hustle". This is especially true if you live in a state where good tips can be hard to come by. There's a new survey that ranks North Dakota as one of the worst states for tips. 

Now, server minimum wage in North Dakota is $4.76. While that is more than the national minimum wage ($2.13), it is still below they typical minimum wage of $7.25 for non-tipped employees. The server minimum wage is low because it is expected that tips will get servers to at least minimum wage. So, one can see why servers rely heavily on tips.

In North Dakota, the average tip is 17.2% of a bill. On the positive side, the standard tip percentage is 15 percent. So, fortunately, North Dakota servers are still typically receiving above the standard.

Side note: If you are a server looking to make better money, you could head east. According to the same survey, the best states for tips are in the northeast. Both New Hampshire and Vermont show that servers make an average of more than 20% in tips.




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