This is one of the most horrific things I have ever heard, and I say "Discretion Advised" for a reason

Try and prepare yourself for some news that will churn your stomach - like I said "Discretion Advised" Evil, just plain evil is the best way you can delicately describe this story. Any form of violence is something 99% of us fortunately can't relate to. How does what appears to be a normal North Dakota married man, with 5 loving children, snap, and do something so sinister as killing his wife....right in front of his kids? There will be a lot of people that will have nightmares over this tragic story, it is unimaginable what the children of the deceased will face for the rest of their life.

Just last Tuesday in Minnesota a North Dakota man lost his mind

According to "A North Dakota lawyer allegedly beat his ex-wife to death in Minnesota on Tuesday as she clung to the youngest of their five children and two others screamed for help, according to the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office. How can one even begin to think about what those kids saw? The mother they adored, the one that held them at night, who sang to them before they dozed off into dreamland - their young eyes witnessed pure horror, the sounds, and complete devastation of seeing up-close their mother reaching out to them covered in her own blood. When police approached the suspect he said "I don't feel right" reported.  Anders Odegaard, 31, and Carissa Odegaard, also 31 divorced last year. Three of the boys, ages 2, 9, and 8 were inside the house when the assault happened, the two other young siblings were out in their mother's car. Carissa died in a hospital in Fargo on Wednesday.

Should Anders ever be allowed free again?

I say "No way in Hell" - After all, his 5 kids will have to live with the brutal loss of their mother every single day - for the rest of their lives.

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