With the release of the final trailer for 'The Force Awakens,' the entire country has 'Star Wars' fever and North Dakota is no exception.

In all actuality, North Dakota is one of the most 'Star Wars'-loving states in the country, according to Movoto.

To determine what franchise a state liked better, 'Star Wars' or 'Star Trek,' Movoto took to Facebook to see what percentage of each state's population LIKED each of them.

Movoto then created three maps: one to show which franchise each state liked more, which ended up being 'Star Wars' across the board, one to show the percentage of each state's population that liked 'Star Wars,' and one to show the percentage of each state's population that liked 'Star Trek.'

According to Movoto's two maps, North Dakota had the 8th highest percentage of 'Star Wars' fans in the country and the 20th highest percentage of 'Star Trek' fans.

Here's what Movoto had to say about North Dakota's sci-fi loving ways:

Fully 5.23 percent of North Dakota’s Facebook-using residents Liked either “Wars” or “Trek”, with most of them being on the “Star Wars” side of things.

In fact, this state had the eighth most “Star Wars” fans on our list, with 3.78 percent of the population Liking the trilogy on Facebook.

The “Star Trek” fans here were in much shorter supply, ranking a mere 20th on our list. Still, for a state so low in population, it still beat out places like New York and Illinois.

'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' hits theaters in December. 'Star Trek Beyond' is rumored to be released in 2016.