I have become numb now to today's modern-day technology. There is nothing that surprises me anymore when it comes to apps, downloads, social media, and especially smartphones. Remember back in the day when there was just a simple telephone, attached to a cord, that plugged into the wall. There actually have been studies of teenagers that have been led to a rotary phone on a desk, and they have not a clue what to do next. My question is, what the heck can a smartphone NOT do? Every convenience under the sun is neatly provided for you, usually on an app that is nestled in among a thousand other hand apps on your phone. So I didn't even flinch when I heard the latest.

According to Inforumjust this past Monday Gov. Doug Burgum signed into law a bill calling for the establishment of a mobile or electronic driver’s license system in the state. House Bill 1072 had been introduced at the request of the North Dakota Department of Transportation.

SECTION 1. A new section to chapter 39-06 of the North Dakota Century Code is created and enacted as follows: Electronic operator's license. 1. The department shall implement a computerized licensing system that allows a licensed motor vehicle operator to provide electronic proof of valid licensing on an electronic communications device. 2. The electronic proof of valid licensing may be used: a. When being stopped by a law enforcement officer for the purpose of enforcing or investigating the possible violation of an ordinance or state law; or b. For identification purposes. 3. The electronic operator's license must be designed so that there is no need for the credential holder to relinquish possession of the device in which the electronic credential system is installed in order to present the credential, or for the individual to whom the credential is presented to access the verification system to confirm the validity of the credential.


Now, this was brought up two years ago but it failed to pass. Driver’s License Division Director Brad Schaffer said he’s pleased that lawmakers and the governor gave the bill the green light. Some states are already issuing mobile driver's licenses (Iowa, Colorado, Louisiana, and Florida) - a dozen other states are hoping for this to happen soon - North Dakota is one of them.


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