Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to take a drive about 48 miles outside of Mandan - to Prairie Knights Casino and Resort. This was the first time for me, I wanted to go earlier, but I moved to Bismarck in Mid February of 2020, then shortly after COVID-19 came creeping into our world. I was given the honor to announce Hairball on stage. Walking through the crowd beforehand, I overheard several people expressing how awesome it was, just to be able to attend a live show again. I witnessed "Happy Places" and smiles - it was a glorious sight. You may have never heard that expression before - You can be in your pajamas watching TV, or 10,000 feet up in the air about ready to jump out of a plane - whatever puts YOU in your "Happy Place"

That's what makes people unique, for my idea of relaxation, and bliss is definitely not the same for others. I work with some very cool people here at our Townsquare Media studios, and a much younger than me (which is about 99% of BisMan) Kori B. from our sister station Hot 97.5 told me just how excited she is heading into this weekend. She and a friend are going to see Big and Rich on Saturday in Deadwood, SD. I asked if she considered this as a "Happy Place" for her. "I love being around other people at a live show - a bonding feeling with other excited fans" She went on to tell me just how much she missed the "Energy", and so looking forward to feeling it once more. "Last year during the pandemic I felt like our world was caving in"

Kori's "Happy Place" will easily merge into other "HP'S" at the concert in Deadwood, SD. Feeling NORMAL again is what we all are setting out to achieve.


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