Attention Hollywood producers in California, looking for an idea for a movie that will blow you away?

I first read about this a few days ago, and all I could think about was WHEN will someone be smart enough to make this into a movie. It has everything you need - drama, suspense, and keeping your fingers crossed as a REAL HERO fought the elements and literally raced against time, AND it all happened right before Christmas.

The waiting list for a new life is long...

...and obviously, when it's your turn, time is of the essence. A North Dakotan, Jerry Bernal was on a list, for a kidney transplant. The Williston man, suffering from stage 5 kidney failure, knew how long a wait it could be, and when the news came that they had a match ( December 22nd ), the race was about to begin. Here is the reality, when a donor has passed away, and the liver is removed from their body, it will only last 24 hours on ice. According to "The kidney, coming from a deceased donor in Rapid City, was flown to Minneapolis, but the storm was getting worse" Jerry drove to Bismarck, through the weather that was getting worse by the minute, and his life froze in suspense that somehow the liver would get to Sanford in time.

Flights were canceled and the only way would be a dangerous drive from a determined life-saver

Meg Rogers, director of transplant center relations for LifeSource said that flights were canceled from Minneapolis to Bismarck, and the ONLY option would be in the hands of Lucas Baker from LifeSource “Obviously we have a choice not to drive in those conditions, but I know in these circumstances when I am going from Minneapolis to Bismarck, I am kind of the end of the road as far as a chance of someone receiving that organ. So there really was no question, I jumped out of bed and drove,” added. At one point during his travel, two snow plows, two deputies, and a tow truck showed up and reopened his path to save Jerry's life.

With time to spare, and help from so many people, a miracle continued

The kidney arrived in just over 13 hours. The operation was a success - Christmas morning Jerry Bernal slowly got out of bed, and took a couple of steps. THIS is your  perfect textbook feel good Hollywood story -TRUE human acts of bravery, courage, teamwork, and real love for one another.

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