Someone slow this year down, we are already fresh into March, almost time to play around with our clocks (Time change) and warmer weather (knock on wood) is here. Just like last year, North Dakota is STILL in a drought. I'm from San Diego, and I am very familiar with this time of the season, and there is nothing worse than Santa Ana winds kicking into high gear and fires causing havoc everywhere. Here in North Dakota, burn bans already are in effect in many counties, including Dunn, Golden Valley, Mercer, Oliver and Stutsman.

A press release from the North Dakota Forest Service was issued yesterday (3-2-21) announcing the arrival of Wildfire Season. The most recent North Dakota drought monitor update shows that 68 percent of the state is in a severe drought, which is a 10 percent increase from only two weeks ago. The North Dakota Forest Service would like to remind you of what you can do to help prevent wildfires.

There are three conditions that motivate a fire to start - heat, fuel, and oxygen. NDFS is stressing the need for awareness and safety. Here are some startling facts: In 2020, 518 wildfires burning a total of 9,205 acres were caused by humans in the state of North Dakota and were preventable. The leading causes of preventable wildfires in the state of North Dakota in 2020 were debris burning (294 wildfires started), equipment use (160 wildfires started), and smoking (36 wildfires started).

Keep your eyes and ears open for the days that will have a Red Flag Warning - for NO fires should be started - Here is a site you can go to for more info on that Please execute common sense and caution this summer, and let's all stay safe!


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