The start of the New Year kicks off with very cold weather start. It is not often The National Weather Service uses the tern LIFE THREATENING and when they do it catches our attention.


The entire Midwest is going to be in the deep freeze and this system will make its way to the East Coast with cold temperatures and snow piled up to 2 feet including blizzard warnings and sub-zero wind chills. This system will affect all of the Midwest and Upper East Coast.

Locally for Bismarck-Mandan, what caught our attention was when the NWS used the term LIFE THREATENING WIND CHILLS THROUGH EARLY NEXT WEEK. In detail, the forecast from the National Weather Service is:

Wintry mix Friday followed by life threatening wind chills through early next week...
A fast-moving clipper system is forecast to sweep southeast across the state on Friday. There will be enough warm air ahead of the clipper to produce a mix of sleet and snow in the north... and a mix of sleet... freezing rain... and rain in the south... along with areas of blowing and drifting snow.
Gusty northerly winds are expected Friday night... with a chance of light snow. Although snow accumulations are expected to be light... blowing and drifting snow may result in reduced visibilities and slick roads.
Dangerously cold Arctic air will follow the clipper system. Low temperatures to 30 below with wind chills of 40 to 60 below zero are forecast Saturday night through Tuesday morning.

Take all the proper precautions to deal with this weather, including limiting your outside exposure and traveling with a winter safety kit.