Marijuana plants all over Minnesota are embracing themselves for the sure-to-be-coming onslaught of pot smokers. Minnesota's medical cannabis law has been around since 2014 - with pretty limited use - which allowed only the delivery of cannabis in liquid, oil, and pill forms. That's going to loosen up quite a bit now - as small little papers will start rolling up into the nifty size of joint - according to mprnews a bill for full legalization made it only through the House and was never taken up in the Senate. But with little fanfare on the last day of the session, Minnesota lawmakers voted to expand the state’s medical cannabis program to allow patients to smoke the dried plant.

There are reasons why this bill is being encouraged to pass - If Gov.Tim Walz signs the bill (which he is expected to) - it will help bring down the cost for those that are in the state program (some patients have been spending as much as $250 dollars a month for the medical cannabis). The raw plants will make the product more accessible.

Once again, this bill is designed to help those that need it - NOT for the people who just want to burn it to get high. Sen. Michelle Benson, R-Ham Lake, the chair of the Senate health and human services committee making sure that people know what it's for - “It is not our goal to make this a path to legalization,” she said during a Senate debate Monday. “It’s a goal to make this available to people with a medical need who cannot afford it. So, we hope we’ve reached the right balance.” 

This new medical cannabis law takes effect by March 1, 2022.





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